Seafood Extract Powders

International Ingredient Solution’s seafood extract powders can be used to enhance a variety of seafood flavors in addition to their natural sodium enhancing ability. These products deliver balanced, clean seafood characteristics.

Our seafood extract powders are made from a natural extraction process, which are then concentrated and spray
dried. Each product boasts a unique and distinct flavor profile.

Seafood Powders Highlights
  • Provide natural sodium enhancement and elevated umami characteristics
  • Clean yet distinct flavors achieved by natural heat extraction processing
  • Powders add and contribute to existing flavors in applications including: dressings, fillings, dips, spreads, soups, and sauces
  • Stable in thermal processing

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  • Anchovy Extract Powder (AEP-102)

    Provides an authentic, anchovy fish character with fish broth profile. 50 lb. box

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  • Clam Extract Powder (CEP-023)

    The balanced clam broth/clam juice flavor and clean aroma provides an enhanced mouth feel. 33 lb. box

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  • Codfish Extract Powder (COD-010)

    This product delivers meaty codfish characteristics that impart a sweet overall flavor. 33 lb. box

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  • Crab Extract Powder (CRP-001)

    Meaty, sweet crab profile provides an authentic flavor. 33 lb. box

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  • Lobster Extract Powder (LEP-001)

    Sautéed lobster meat flavor enhances food with a rich buttery character. 33 lb. box

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  • Shrimp Extract Powder (SEP-1501)

    Delivers authentic shrimp flavor with clean shellfish and shrimp broth profile. 33 lb. box

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Shelf Life for Seafood Powders: 24 months