Vegetable & Culinary Powders

Our vegetable and culinary extract powders provide umami enhancement, by delivering earthy, broth-like characteristics. They are manufactured by natural fermentation and extraction processes with minimal ingredients added. These products work well in creating foundation flavors in soups, sauces, and gravies. This versatile product line can also be used as part of a processed flavor system.

Vegetable and Culinary Extract Powders Highlights
  • Vegetable extracts are OU Kosher certified
  • Powders provide enhanced mouthfeel
  • Diverse range of applications include dips, seasonings, marinades, soups, and sauces
  • Stable in thermal processing

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  • Chinese Cabbage Powder: Roasted (RCP-101)

    Delivers a sweet cabbage profile. 50 lb. box

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  • Mushroom Extract Concentrate (MEC-001)

    Creates an umami mouth feel with cooked mushroom characteristic. 20 kg. drum

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  • Mushroom Extract Powder (MEP-001)

    Light earthy, cooked mushroom flavor with a brothy, rich mouth feel.
    44 lb. box

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  • Red Miso Powder (RMP-001)

    Boasts a light green tomato/tomato paste character. Authentic miso profile and provides mouth feel. 44 lb. box

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  • Seaweed Flavor (SEF-1901)

    Sweet clam broth character and shellfish broth characteristics. 50 lb. box

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  • Seaweed Powder (SEF-1900)

    Provides a rich shellfish aroma with a general seafood broth character and umami effect. 33 lb. box

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  • Soy Sauce Powder (SSP-001)

    Imparts a smooth, MSG like mouthful with a sweet, lightly roasted, beefy flavor reminiscent of au jus flavor. 44 lb. box

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  • White Vinegar Powder* (WVP-001)

    Provides clean, acetic acid flavor with no off-vinegar or sour notes. 44 lb. box

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Shelf Life for Vegetable & Culinary Powders: 24 months

*18 month shelf life