Yeast Extracts

International Ingredient Solutions Yeast Extract product line provides savory flavor ingredients that mirror process flavors in functionality, while delivering a deeper flavor profile. Our yeast extracts eliminate the need to add sugar reducers and additional amino acids. The result is an authentic, signature flavor contribution.

Yeast Extract Highlights
  • Enhance umami sensation in soups, sauces, gravies, and a variety of other applications
  • Kosher certified, OU
  • Clean label
  • Low sodium blends available

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  • AYE Classic (AYE-001)

    “Industry standard” yeast extract delivers a clean savory flavor profile and excellent flavor enhancing functionality. Due to this clean profile AYE Classic is highly effective at maximizing the flavor support of poultry, beef, pork,seafood, vegetables, vegetarian dishes, and ethnic based applications.

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  • AYE Classic Carne Roast M (AYE CR-001-M)

    The Carne Roast extract creates an umami mouth feel while delivering a notable meat taste. It provides an intense, authentic flavor. It is a brothy yeast extract that also offers lightly roasted characteristics.

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  • AYE Classic Low Sodium (AYE C-002)

    A low sodium alternative yeast extract similar in functionality and taste characteristics to the AYE Standard.

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  • AYE Full Flavor Choice (AYE FFC -003)

    Rich in taste enhancing nucleotides, with approximately 12% naturally occurring IMP and GMP. Boasts a clean taste profile. This product has been utilized for flavor enhancement as well as salt reduction in a variety of applications including condiments, dressings and sauces, side dishes, and meat products.

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  • AYE Full Flavor Robust (AYE FFR-002)

    This product contains more than approximately 4% naturally occurring GMP and IMP. It is a versatile flavor enhancer that imparts a sweeter savory flavor, which is fully expressed when used in conjunction with other flavor systems.

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  • AYE Full Flavor Universal (AYE FFU-001)

    Higher Nucleotide yeast extract, which can be helpful in basic soup and sauce formulation.

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  • AYE Standard (AYE S-002)

    Imparts a general savory stock type flavor that also synergistically boosts other savory notes present in most savory applications.

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Our products are Kosher certified, allergen free, and vegetarian. All products are natural and are not derived from genetically modified organisms.

Pack Size: 50 lb bag in box / Shelf Life: 18 months